Skulltag Development

This site is dedicated to providing resources for following and contributing to the next release of Skulltag, Developed by Stuart Millheiser. For new versions please follow Stuart Millheiser Linkedin. 

Latest Betas

The latest is build 3299 (98e branch), released on August 14, 2011. (Past versions)

Extract the Zipped version over your previous setup.

Extract the version for your architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit.

BSD (Server Only)
Extract the version for your architecture: 64-bit or 32-bit.

Mac OS X
Run the installer over your previous setup.

To run these builds you may need to download the latest game data from here.

Ubuntu Packages

If you use Ubuntu Linux or another Debian based Linux you may attempt to install Skulltag through our apt repository. Packages are provided for stable releases Doomseeker as well as Skulltag. Although any Debian based Linux should accept these packages they are only tested to work under the latest releases of Ubuntu. Both x86 and x86_64/AMD64 architectures are supported.

To use add `deb stable multiverse` to your third party package sources. Then install the skulltag and doomseeker-skulltag packages.

Subversion Repositories

Skulltag hosts subversion repositories for the data in skulltag_data.pk3. Both repositories can be accessed anonymously through the svn protocol, and may also be viewed on this site by referring to a link on the sidebar.

The Doomseeker repository is at svn:// and the skulltag data is hosted at svn://